This is my submission for the Extra Credits game jam.

Use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to jump. The game will explain the rest.

Please note that while this looks quite a bit like a Mario game, all assets are original except for the following:


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Not sure if you guys have seen this but:

I sent it to him :) Thanks for linking the VOD!

I kind of wish I had noted somewhere in the game that this was a jam game -- a lot of the Twitch chat were saying things like "wow this game is really rushed" lol

Well hey, you’ve gotten your game played by people you don’t know personally, that’s always nice. The whole rushed argument isn’t too valid because it’s a free experience.

Wonderful music, I'd love to hear it in full without Mario's moving about :)

> "Press space to wah"
> "Press F to WAHHH instantly"
Tutorial: 9.95 / 10. Only thing that would have made it better would be a "waaah" sound effect added to those actions. I mean, if we're gonna have a laugh, might as well go all out, right?

In all seriousness, this was a fun little game. Music and art were a nice Mario facsimile, the main gimmick was enjoyable, and it wasn't too long or too difficult. Perfect length/challenge for a jam game. Great work!

This concept is really  interesting,but 'Mario''s body really cause lots of trouble such as blocking the way,making jump harder, slowing down the game.And when  he is died,the camera take really a lot of time to go back to check point,while 'Mario' can still move,likely cause it die before camera go back to where it should be.And lack of limit make this level design lack of depth.

I thought this was a really cool concept, but I do have some issues. The game can become frustrating and/or tedious real fast. Especially in the first and last area where you have to make large piles of "Marios." Also the collision on the semi solid platforms can be kind of wonky.

haha realy fun go make some more games

Really fun, then I found an exploit near the floating spike islands over the sea of spikes. Found a way to make a constant steady stream of jumpmen. Yeah, no skill, just spam, and a massive framerate drop due to physics. Did stabilize after about a minute XD . Thanks for making it :)

Hahah really fun game! xD Really liked the musics to!! :D


Spent a solid 10 minutes running into spikes.  

10/10 - IGN

it caught me off wha...rd
I had fun, thanks for making it!